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About us

Besyv believes in engaging awareness through life intertwined with art.
Our dream is to help push art, culture, stories and the digital sphere into everyday lives;
in a way so everyone will feel its substance regardless of age, life phase and perspectives.


Mathilde Schytz Marvit

Owner & Founder
+45 31766346

Before founding Besyv, Mathilde already had many years of experience in producing film, cross media content and strategies for implementing a digital mindset in (cultural) organizations and companies. As former Head of Digital Production at SMK (The National Gallery of Denmark), producer and strategist in House of Real, and with a background in animation, TV and sound(toys), she trusts producing as a beneficial and revealing way of thinking and aiming for development. Mathilde has a BA in Linguistics (KU) and Fine Art & Art History (Goldsmiths) as well as a Master from ITU. Besides producing she also takes the time to write articles and give talks about the importance of art, culture and critical awareness.

Alexandra Hedegaard Kristjansen
+45 28764235

Alexandra is the film editor of Besyv, but also works as a director, writer, cinematographer and documentary filmmaker. She has a BA in TV and Media Production from The Danish School of Media and Journalism and a Master in Journalism from SDU and University of Copenhagen. Alexandra has been producing films and videos for museums and cultural institutions since 2012, when she and Mathilde Schytz Marvit began their laudable collaboration as co-workers at SMK (The National Gallery of Denmark).

Sofia Rønde Storck
+45 26242447

Sofia has worked with the Besyv team as a composer and sound designer since 2017. Sofia is very appreciated by both the team, our business partners and their users for her unique understanding of sound and story as well as her beautiful voice and music. Sofia is studying for her BA in Sound Design at Sonic College, Haderslev.

Jakob Pagel Andersen

Jakob has worked as a cinematographer for Besyv since 2018. His career in filmmaking began in 2014 after finishing his BA in Literature and Philosophy. Besides his work with Besyv Jakob makes documentaries and freelances as a cinematographer and editor.

Thomas Hyllested

Thomas has worked as a sound designer and composer for Besyv since 2018, meanwhile he is studying for his BA in Sound Design at Sonic College, Haderslev. He likes mixing music genres – and to experiment in general when working with sound. He listens to a lot of music and plays the clarinet; which comes in handy both when producing for Besyv and when we have hang arounds for debates and ideas.

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